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Welcome and Introduction - South Dakota Benefit Information System (SDBIS)


Image of the South Dakota State Flag.  The flag displays the State Seal of South Dakota centered on a sky blue field. The seal is surrounded by the rays of a golden blazing sun . Encircling the seal and the sun are the words, 'South Dakota' at the top and 'The Mount Rushmore State', the official state nickname, below. The official seal is a picturesque representation of South Dakota's commerce, industry, and natural resources. The state's motto, 'Under God the People Rule', appears over an inner circle. Within the circle is a background of sky and hills. A river runs through agricultural and industrial land. Mining is represented with a smelting furnace. A steam ship plies the waters of the river. A farmer plows a field in front of a herd of cattle and a cornfield. The outer circle of the seal bears the words 'State of South Dakota', and 'Great Seal 1889'. The flag was adopted in 1992.


Welcome to the South Dakota Benefit Information System (SDBIS). It contains specific state information about disability and welfare benefits available to people with disabilities and their families living in South Dakota.

SDBIS is integrated into the main WorkWORLD (WW) Help/Information System so that it is immediately available to WorkWORLD users and to those who go to, where the WorkWORLD Help/Information System is available online.

Finding SDBIS Information

You can find SDBIS topics in the WorkWORLD Help/Information System:

      In the Index: By selecting Help Topics from the main menu, selecting the Index tab, and then typing SD [space bar] and then the topic; or

      In the Table of Contents: By selecting Help Topics from the main menu, selecting the Contents tab and then going to: Benefit Programs, State Specifics, South Dakota.

Comprehensive instructions for these operations can be found in the "Using the Help System" topic.

Internet Users: If you are using this Help/Info System on the Internet and you do not see the Table of Contents or Index on the left side of your screen, click on the Show Navigation link at the upper left corner of this screen to reveal the Contents, Index, and Search features. Also see: Using the Help/Information System On The Web for additional features and operational information.

SD Administrative Code

Details concerning most of the information in SDBIS can be found on-line in the South Dakota Administrative Code at

Although we make every attempt to verify the information in SDBIS with the applicable agencies, you should always check with the administering agency before acting on any of the information or recommendations contained in SDBIS. There may be specific circumstances in your own situation that are not covered in SDBIS; or regulations may have changed since the information was entered into SDBIS.
NOTE: If you should discover such circumstances or changes, please let us know by going to and contacting us.

Included Information

For your convenience we are providing here links to many of the topics that you may find most helpful. We list them first by program, and then by agencies and organizations.

These lists are not comprehensive - use the Table of Contents or Index as explained above for comprehensive lists - but they should give you a good idea about the kinds of information included, and links to that information.


Adult Foster Care

Adult Services and Aging Programs

Benefits, Planning, Assistance and Outreach (BPAO)

Blind and Visually Impaired Programs

Caregiver Support - Elderly

Child Care Assistance

Children's Health Insurance Program

Community Assistance Programs

Community Training Services (CTS) Program - DD

DakotaLink Assistive Technology Project

Developmental Disabilities (DD) Programs

Disabled Children's Program

Family Support Services

Food Stamps

Freedom to Work (Medicaid Infrastructure Grant)

Home and Community Based Waiver Services (HCBWS)

Independent Living Services

Medicaid & Medical Assistance Programs

Native American Advocacy Project

Personal Assistant Services (PAS) - Freedom to Work

Prescription Drug Assistance (Rx Access)

Project Skills - Transition

Protection and Advocacy Services

Protective Services for Adults

QMB, SLMB and other Medicare-related Medicaid

Respite Care - Adult Services and Aging

Respite Care - Developmental and other specified disabilities

Supported Employment Services

Tax Exemptions and Refunds for Veterans

Tax Refund - Sales Tax on Food

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Transition Services Liaison Project

Veterans Employment Services

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Welfare to Work Tax Credit

Workforce Investment Act programs

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Agencies and Organizations:

Black Hills Special Services Cooperative (BHSSC)

Career Centers

Career Learning Centers

Department of Human Services

Department of Labor

Department of Social Services

Division of Adult Services and Aging

Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Division of Child Care Assistance

Division of Developmental Disabilities

Division of Economic Assistance

Division of Mental Health

Division of Service for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Division of Rehabilitation Services

Division of Veterans Affairs Benefits

Office of Food Stamps

Office of Medical Eligibility - Overview

Office of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)

South Dakota Advocacy Services

Also see:

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