Using WorkWORLD
    Changes in this Version
    Getting Started
    Using the Help/Information System
    Taking the Tutorials
    Operating WorkWORLD
       Navigating WorkWORLD and Entering Data
       Main Menu
       Toolbar Options
       Create a New File
       Name a file using "Properties" Command
       Open a Saved File
       What if I Don't Know?
       Estimating Inputs
       Situation - Overview
       Current Situation
       What-If? Situation
       Create a New Situation
       Situation Label
       QUESTIONS PENDING - Incomplete Situation
       Complete a Situation
       Delete a Situation
       Save a File
       Save As
       Printing Instructions
       Close a File
       Delete a Saved File
       Case Notes
       Exiting the Program
       Importing and Exporting Case Files
       Using Speech Features
    Understanding Results
Benefit Programs
Other Information
About WorkWORLD Software