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Virginia Business Leadership Network


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The Virginia Business Leadership Network (VABLN) is part of a national program led by employers (the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN) initiative) that engages the leadership and participation of companies throughout the United States to increase workforce and marketplace diversity to include individuals with disabilities. Through this program, business leaders promote recruitment and hiring practices, enabling qualified people with disabilities to succeed in the workplace. In addition, these efforts promote marketplace diversity by tailoring services and access options for people with disabilities.

Representing organizations across Virginia, the VABLN serves the needs of business professionals by providing the most essential and comprehensive set of resources available.


Increasing workforce and marketplace diversity by including individuals with disabilities.

The Virginia Business Leadership Network is a business led coalition dedicated to increasing workforce diversity to include people with disabilities. The key words in the name are "Business" and "Leadership" - because this network is led by employers who share a common vision.

Many employers across Virginia have joined Sun Trust Banks, Inc and Booz/Allen/Hamilton in the BLN. Virginia Commonwealth University, Philip Morris, Trigon, GE Capital, Manpower, Navy Federal Credit Union, Henrico County, Charter One and others - large and small - have recognized that it makes good business sense to expand opportunities for people with disabilities. Booz/Allen/Hamilton has taken the role of Regional Lead Company for Northern Virginia and serves as a regional advocate for events in that area.

The Virginia BLN membership champions opportunities to create productive and supportive partnerships among people with disabilities, private businesses, and governmental and community service agencies. As a business led organization, it offers Virginia employers the business perspective, engaging both private and public sector employers to expand their view of diversity.


To be a network of best practice employers recognized as Virginia's business resource to enhance the employment of people with disabilities.

A diverse workforce is vital to business success. Approximately one in five Americans has a disability. By employing people with disabilities, an employer can effectively position itself to develop products and services that are more likely to sell to a diverse customer base, resulting in significant increase in long term profits.


All employers are encouraged to join the Virginia Business Leadership Network and begin enjoying the benefits that will keep your organization competitive in the marketplace. There is no cost for membership and itís easy to join.

Today, no business doubts the bottom line benefits of a diverse customer base and the best way to do that is by recruiting a diverse workforce that includes people with disabilities. The Virginia Business Leadership Network offers many benefits and services for your business at no cost.

Membership Benefits

Membership not only keeps you informed of new developments in the field - but you'll also receive relevant and practical information to help you:

 Diversify recruiting efforts

 Increase knowledge of best employment practices

 Improve customer service and market penetration

 Maintain a competitive edge through accredited training programs

 Receive recognition as a "Disability Friendly" business

 Gain access to community resources

Regardless of the size of your business, membership in the VABLN can help your business grow by meeting the needs of more customers and employees.

Membership Responsibilities

Membership in the VABLN is on a "no cost" basis. Instead, Virginia BLN members share a responsibility for membership through these actions:

 Promote the recruitment and employment of qualified applicants with disabilities.

 Strive to retain valued employees who become disabled.

 Seek to provide accessible products and services to meet the needs of customers with disabilities.

 Evaluate facility to offer accessibility "friendliness" for applicants, employees and customers.

 Train employees in sensitivity awareness in order that they may provide excellent customer service to customers with disabilities.

 Look for new ways to be of service to individuals with disabilities.

 Commit to share experiences with other businesses in the community to encourage new BLN membership.

Whether you're a small business or part of a multi-national corporation, membership in the VABLN provides the practical solutions and innovative insights your company needs to maintain its competitive edge.

Contact Information

Virginia Business Leadership Network
P.O. Box 28293
Richmond, Virginia 23228



Toll Free: 804-749-8646

Additional Information

The Virginia Business Leadership Network has produced a brochure that explains some of the benefits of membership and includes contact information. The brochure is available in PDF format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) from:

The VABLN has also produced a number of Tool Kits, which are brochures designed to explain various disability subjects from an employer's perspective. The complete list is available online from the VABLN website at the following URL:

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