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Massachusetts Business Leadership Network


Massachusetts Business Leadership Network logo

The Massachusetts Business Leadership Network (MassBLN) is an affiliate of the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN) initiative, a national business-led endeavor upholding workforce initiatives that enable qualified individuals with disabilities to succeed in the workplace.


The MassBLN is an association of Massachusetts companies committed to a diverse marketplace that includes people with disabilities as both customers and employees.


The MassBLN envisions that every employer in Massachusetts exemplifies, as a best business practice, the inclusion of people with disabilities in their product, service, employment, and community outreach planning.

Operating Principles

MassBLN is a business-led initiative:

 All products and services are business focused

 A trusting environment for businesses to turn to

 Business-to-business networking, outreach and education

MassBLN is an organized source of information:

 Strategic alliance with the Resource Partnership

 Collaboration with the Massachusetts Governorís Commission for Employment of People with Disabilities

 Access to various state and private rehabilitation and training organizations in Massachusetts and nationally


The MassBLN has two established Local Chapters, Greater Boston MassBLN and Central MassBLN, with plans for a third Chapter, Western MassBLN, in development.

The Local BLN Chapters:

 Conduct a series of business forums to welcome new companies

 Provide regular and ongoing educational and networking opportunities for businesses

 Survey hiring needs of participating companies

 Prepare and plan to meet the local hiring needs identified in the survey

 Report local activities to the state-wide MassBLN Business Steering Group

 Plan and facilitate activities and events, which meet the needs of employers and enhance employment for qualified applicants with disabilities.

In addition to the three Chapters mentioned above, it is the goal of the MassBLN to develop four additional Chapters in the following regions - MetroWest, Northeast, Southeast and Cape Cod/Islands - thus creating a state-wide network of business leaders dedicated to improving employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Benefits of Membership

It Makes Good Business Sense To Participate

Participation in the MassBLN will provide your company opportunities to:

 Demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion

 Expand your products and services to new target markets

 Gain access to needed resources and qualified candidates

A diverse workforce gives companies the competitive advantage by enabling them to better meet the needs of their customers, successfully compete in the global marketplace and hire from an expanded labor pool. There are approximately 50 million people with disabilities living in the United States today with $175 Billion in disposable income and $1 Trillion in aggregate income. Additionally, there are approximately 8 million working-aged adults with disabilities currently ready, willing and able to join America's workplace. Due to a multitude of factors including but not limited to the aging workforce, it is being suggested that there could be a worker shortage by the year 2010. Now is the time to get involved with the MassBLN and the Resource Partnership to prepare your company to take advantage of this untapped customer base and talent pool.

Opportunities For Positive Public Relations

Participation will provide you with positive public relations for your company on both a national and state level by spotlighting your company's successes in hiring persons with a disability and sponsoring well advertised activities and events.

The MassBLN Is An Organized Source Of Information

The MassBLN works collaboratively with community organizations via the Resource Partnership and the Massachusetts Governor's Commission for Employment of People with Disabilities. The Massachusetts Governor's Commission is a consortium of federal, state, public, private and not-for-profit organizations that provide education, training and job placement services for individuals with disabilities. These organizations are committed to consistently support the members of the MassBLN to find the appropriate resources on candidate recruitment, accommodations, ADA, tax credits, etc.

The MassBLN also serves as a gateway to a national network of businesses and community organizations working together to make a difference within their companies and the lives of people with disabilities.

Massachusetts BLN Website

Additional information about MassBLN, including participating companies, meetings, news and events, and other resources is available online. The MassBLN website is located at:

Contact the Massachusetts BLN

The Resource Partnership, a private non-profit organization, provides administrative support for the MassBLN. To contact MassBLN:

Dawn Eger
C/O Resource Partnership
251 West Central Street
Suite #31
Natick, MA 01760

Phone: (508) 647-1722 ext. 11



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