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South Dakota [Sioux Falls] Business Leadership Network


Logo of South Dakota-Sioux Falls Business Leadership Network

The Sioux Falls Business Leadership Network (SF-BLN) is an employer-led coalition dedicated to promoting opportunities that benefit Sioux Falls employers and people with disabilities. The SF-BLN provides training and support to employers to assist with tapping into this valuable emerging market of new employees and customers. It is an affiliate of the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN) initiative, a national business-led endeavor upholding workforce initiatives that enable qualified individuals with disabilities to succeed in the workplace.

The Sioux Falls Business Leadership Network is sponsored by the State of South Dakota - Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS), in partnership with related government agencies, business and community organizations - all of whom share a common interest in promoting employment opportunities and community access for people with disabilities.

How It Works

Business and community leaders are invited to join our local network. In partnership with the State of South Dakota - Division of Rehabilitation Services and other important community employment agencies, SF-BLN staff work with individual employers to develop a local BLN Steering Committee to help guide BLN development activities. Training, technical support and other resources are then provided to help encourage improved hiring results within the disability community.

The SF-BLN motto is to provide low-cost, high impact activities and services which:

                    Promote best practices relating to employment and people with disabilities

                    Provide networking and professional development opportunities for employers who want to have better access to the disability community

                    Build effective connections between employers and community partners

                    Improve the response time in delivering qualified job candidates to employers

                    Access quality, career-oriented employment opportunities for job seekers

                    Encourage creative, aggressive employer disability recruitment outreach efforts

Benefits To Members:

After joining the SF-BLN, members are able to:

                    Gain easier access to a pool of job qualified candidates

                    Obtain valuable information regarding disability employment issues and opportunities

                    Network and share information with other employers

                    Share learning experiences with other employers

                    Contribute to and learn human resource practices

                    Access community resources for recruitment, training and more


The SF-BLN offers terrific programs, services and activities to assist businesses to attract new employees and customers with disabilities. The SF-BLN staff can help develop a customized plan to take advantage of the opportunities presented by this valuable emerging market.


SF-BLN members receive professional development and networking opportunities including employment and disability awareness training, regular membership meetings, special topic presentations, seminars and special events.

Training Topics Include:

                    Disability awareness

                    The ALL WAYS WELCOME seminar for increasing your customer base

                    Interviewing people with disabilities

                    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and effective recruitment strategies

                    Mental Health in the workplace

                    Other topics designed to meet your needs


SF-BLN members receive a variety of personalized consultation opportunities to meet workforce and customer service needs. Consultation services can include:

                    Individualized assistance in developing customized recruitment outreach initiatives.

                    Worksite/Job Accommodation assistance and information referral

                    Employer Training and Hiring Incentives: including internships, situational assessments, on-the-job training and Work Opportunity Tax Credits

                    Job Modification and Restructuring

                    Other consultation services tailored to meet your needs.

Access 2 Ability job and resume posting service:

                    Offers a recruitment service that assists employers in advertising job opportunities to all organizations representing people with disabilities in Sioux Falls and neighboring communities.

                    Provides employers with individualized assistance in developing customized recruitment outreach initiatives.

Access 2 Ability is available online at:


In addition to the training and consultation services, SF-BLN members enjoy networking opportunities, information, access to the job ad service and a copy of the comprehensive Disability Employment Practices Handbook for your Human Resource department.

The SF-BLN provides education, technical assistance, leadership development opportunities and a peer support network for its members, allowing them to access all the resources needed to recruit, hire, train and support both new and existing employees with disabilities, and also attract new customers with disabilities.

Contact Information:

Sioux Falls Business Leadership Network
Michael J. Frost, SF-BLN Director
2601 S. Minnesota Avenue, Suite 105, #267
Sioux Falls, SD 57105-4730

Phone: (605) 582-8543



Roger J. Van Lieshout, SF-BLN Development Coordinator
Phone: (970) 204-9409

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Information for this topic was drawn from the SF-BLN website at:

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